You’d never have known:

Joe points out in comments that YESTERDAY, Friday the 11th of January, 2019, is the FIRST day of missed paychecks for Federal workers. due to the “government shutdown” over the border wall.

Yeah, one might have thought, according to news media, that these poor folks had gone for months without a paycheck. That they were eating scraped icebox and dishrag soup. Begging for scraps after bravely going to their terribly hard  “essential” Government jobs for 22 hours a day…

Odd, innit, all those interviews over the past week about the hardship when NOT ONE had yet suffered any hardship? About the mean and unsympathetic creditors…the loss of income…the terrible consequences for the children….All those tearful housewives wailing how hard it was…..

All bullshit. Battlespace preparation by the Left and their pet media, I suppose. But the Left voters Uneducated Audience ate that up.

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  1. Joe's comment was an opinion, not a fact (ironic, isn't it). Today (Saturday the 12th) was the end of a pay period. The actual payday (for the FAA anyway) was the previous Tuesday. That payday was for the previous two week pay period which ended December 29th. Since non essential personnel were furloughed the 22nd, those working in payroll have not processed any of the shifts of those that were/are still mandated to work. Bills still have to get paid, no matter how lenient your landlord is.

    For someone who is against the government telling people how to live their lives, I find it somewhat petty that those same people are commenting on how other people, different than themselves, are living their lives. And how some are using the hardships of others to perpetuate and advance their own agendas.

    I am speaking from experience here. On Tuesday, I just gave my son, who is furloughed, $4,000 from my savings to assist them in paying their monthly bills, and providing food for my three grandchildren for this month. I'm sure that he'll get reimbursed once everything is reopened, but until then, this shutdown is not only affecting the government employees, but from my personal experience, others as well.


  2. Dude, I don't minimize the pain this is causing people…folks who didn't get paid yesterday. But the Media has been hammering (for the past week or more) that these folks are ALREADY hurting…that they were all about to lose their homes and cars….yet Friday was the first missed paychecks. Until Friday, no one had yet been hurt. That was the point I attempted to make. Sorry I wasn't clearer or that you missed my point.

    I feel for the folks not getting a paycheck. I have friends who weren't paid. But until yesterday, they were just like everyone else.

  3. My comment was directed at the media coverage, not the furloughed workers. As someone who has been thrown out of work more than once, I understand the fear and hardship a sudden loss of pay can bring on.

    The whole shut down is stupid and useless and purely politically driven. And as much as it pains me to admit it, the fault of both paties.

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