Your call, Hillary

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,”

Ok,, sister, then lets open the ball:
Here are some of the things YOUR party stands for that I find objectionable.

Statism over individualism.

Ever increasing restrictions on rights, rather than freedom.

More and more groups gaining privileged status over the mainstream.

Sociologist government policies.

Ever increasing governmental agencies, who set rules and regulations with no legislative oversight. 

Increasing dependence on government paid for by the productive people in this country.

More and more “Social Safety Nets” paid for with taxes, instead of those taxes going to infrastructure, and military as is Constitutional.  

Less and less attention paid to our Constitution and to the restrictions it imposes upon Government. 

Entire government agencies which don’t produce anything. 

Tax and monetary policies which punish success and hard work, encourage failure and laziness, reward stupidity and penalize intelligence.

An ever increasing percentage of urban dwellers(encouraged by your party and their policies) who produce nothing, but whose very existence is paid for by my side’s work. 

Ever increasing ILLEGAL immigration.

More and more (and more blatant) voter fraud. 


I can make a longer list of “things I stand for, things I care about” that your philosophy and your party condone …that I find offensive and objectionable. But so far, at least, MY side has retained “civility” about our disagreements.

Wanna lose “Civility”? We can go there. You won’t like it. So far it has been the Ballot Box rather than the Ammo Box. …..But that can change if Civility is gonna go away.
How “uncivil” do y’all wanna get? Y’all wanna destroy that which I stand for and care  about…can I get all Uncivil too?

Do you really want the gloves to come off? The only thing keeping you and yours alive and fed and housed and/or out of prison is “Civility” and the rule of law. Take that protection away and you won’t like how it ends.

We have hard working people with a work ethic, who are well able to take care of themselves….who can think for themselves, are intelligent and skilled…who simply buckle down and move forward when life gets tough…..who plan ahead….Who are polite and decent and law abiding and moral.
 You have a bunch of  spoiled lazy people who can’t figure out which bathroom to use and have to be led to get them to do anything and who weep and demand help when life gets difficult…who can’t really DO anything…and have the attention span of a chipmunk and the intelligence of asparagus…..and who can’t think ahead farther than their next meal….who are rude and already uncivil and who don’t generally follow laws of society.
Which side do ya think will win if we get rid of “civility”?

So do you REALLY want to get rid of “Civility”? So far, that’ “civility” is what’s keeping you and yours safe.

7 thoughts on “Your call, Hillary

  1. From reading the article, I get a different view. She said that "That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

    She is indicating that civility is currently lacking. It is my opinion that it started back in the 90s with Gingrich and his ilk that ceased to negotiate and compromise in order to operate our government. He began the turn into what the Republican party has become today. No longer following long standing traditions, circumventing rules of order, and complying to laws with the bare minimum of effort.


  2. You seem so rational most of the time.

    Yet I think you wrote the above with a straight face, almost as if you really believe that.


  3. Personally I think you are insulting chipmunks and asparagus.
    I found it very hard to believe she could say all this with a straight face.
    I just shake my head, and wait for the day after Election Day. We shall see who is civil then, and who isn't. Sadly, I am afraid Rand Paul will be proven correct.

  4. I am amazed at your lack of self awareness. I quoted directly from the article YOU cited using cut and paste. She says civility can start again if the Dems win back Congress. She obviously believes we are not currently acting civilly toward each other.

    You then list your objections to the beliefs held by the Democratic party. And you are entitled to your beliefs and opinions. Everything up to the paragraph which begins with 'Wanna lose "Civility"?' are points that can be debated.

    However, you seem to go off the rails. You make the inference that if some do not agree with the Ballot box result, then they'll resort to the ammo box. That seems to incite un-civility.

    Next you state that the only reason others are alive and fed and housed and not in prison is '"Civility" and the rule of law.' And then make a vague threat about not liking how things would end if those protections are taken away. Making veiled threats do not contribute to civility.

    B, you then use the divisive language of WE and YOU, making blanket statements, wrapping the WE's in the American Flag, apple pie, and Mom; while the YOU's are labeled as low life scum, animalistic, and not much smarter than a vegetable. Hardly "civil' statements when having a debate, wouldn't you say?

    Civility to me is allowing one to express their opinions without ridicule. Open debate allows for different viewpoints to be expressed using examples, facts, and truths. Hyperbole, falsifications, unprovable statements, and threats are not listed in the attributes of civil gentlemen and ladies.

    Its your blog, you can post whatever you'd like. I come here to read and get a different viewpoint that that other airplane misfit lady. But this post is very different from your past ones. I sincerely hope that you are doing well and that this was a venting of some kind.


  5. Dale: 'Tisn't MY side that confronts those with another opinion in restaurants and while shopping and at theater events and threatens them until they leave. 'Tis't the leaders of MY side who promote this uncivil behavior. It is YOUR sides't leaders that promote this.

    And yes, sadly, there are two sides. One has Civility, one threatens to stop using what little they have left. I simply pointed out that One side is more dependent on Civility that the other, but, doesn't realize how much that protection is needed.
    Civility is, indeed, allowing one to express their opinion. Open debate, however, does include ridicule. Ridiculous thoughts, ideas, and philosophies should be ridiculed.

    Please, show me where I was wrong in my description of the folks the Left tries to whip up?

    'Tis funny how the Left wants civility and cooperation when they are in power, but refuses even the most basic attemto to give any when they are not in power.

  6. It isn’t the leaders of YOUR side who promote this uncivil behavior? It’s only the leaders on MY side? Really?

    Well, lemme see. Hmm? Would you call the leader of your side civil when he advocates violence against those who disagree with his political position?
    Civil, when he openly mocks a handicapped reporter during another rally?
    Civil, when he uses degrading names for those that disagree with him? (goes for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, reporters, etc)
    Civil, when he doesn’t condemn the violence that occurred in Virginia? (How many on the right died that day? I forget)
    Civil, when he claims a judge is biased against him because “He’s Mexican”
    And that’s just 5 items that come up in an internet search.

    It IS funny when those on YOUR side try to claim the moral high ground with Trump as your leader.

    You are being disingenuous making the claims that ONLY the Left is uncivil. You are doing the same thing that Trump is. Making and repeating mis-statements, over and over until it becomes your truth. When, actually, BOTH sides are acting child-like and uncivil.


  7. I think we are defining civil differently.

    It is LEFTISTS who try to chase people with whom they disagree out of public places. Or harangue people in public who are trying to eat or watch a play.

    Key cars because of bumper stickers. Offer violence at peaceful rallies or speaking engagements). (and no, I don't consider any of the idiots at the NC rallies to be innocent…they came looking for trouble, and they found it)….(and lets not forget that the LEFTIST mayor did whatever he could to put the two sides into conflict there….)

    Steal signage before election when they disagree with the candidates views. Offer violence to those attempting to register voters for Republican candidates.

    And your leaders PROMOTE such behavior. Not fail to condemn it , PROMOTE it.

    Etc. Etc. Etc. Lots of childish behavior.

    And what, exactly, prevents me from "claiming the high moral ground" for having voted for Trump? (Hint: He is all of our leaders, just like Barry was…that whole "Republic" thing, you know). He may not have been my first choice, but he was the best of the ones given to me….and I haven't seen him do anything (except fail to stop tweeting when he should) that I should be ashamed of. Please, quote him wherein he "advocated violence against those who disagree with him"? give us the whole quote, not just the headline in a left wing rag….the whole thing, with context. Same with the "handicapped reporter" ( I remember that, and didn't find it objectionable, IIRC, BTW). And yes, the judge was indeed biased against him. Said opinion has since been reversed on appeal. 'Twas indeed bias.

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