Well, that was cool

I didn’t know there were any in the area. Was a bit north of the intersection of US 41 and US 30 in NW Indiana on Saturday and, while waiting at a stoplight, I watched a Bald Eagle fly circles over the marsh to the east of US 41.

I was unaware that there were any Bald Eagles in the area.

Perhaps the DDT issues have helped make a comeback? I dunno

I grew up about 20 miles to the east of there, and this is the first time I have ever seen a Bald Eagle in NW Indiana. And I am over 50 years old.

2 thoughts on “Well, that was cool

  1. DDT had less to do with the loss of Bald Eagles than open hunting and poaching did.

    Just that DDT got the press.

    And, well, DDT did nothing to eagle eggs. The book "Silent Spring" is one of the first big leftist environmental attacks based on junk science.

    DDT is one of the safest pesticides for animals ever made. Sevin Dust is the only safer product.

    And getting rid of DDT has caused the deaths of millions of humans due to bug-borne diseases.

  2. I thought it bio-accumulated and thinned the eggshells, resulting in the embryos drying out before hatching.

    Either way, Bald Eagles, living where there were previously none in my lifetime.

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