Why no arrests?

Why can’t the Portland police arrest anyone for this anarchy and civil disobedience? Yeah, standing aside and letting them fight might be entertaining, and later breaking up the fight with pepperball rounds is no doubt fun, but why even allow this sort of shit to happen?

Note: Both sides come looking for a fight. Neither gets my sympathy. It is just plain wrong.
Their behavior chases decent people off the streets and makes the city and the police look like incompetent idiots.

And, at the end of the day, no matter what your motivation, you are acting like a criminal. And you should be treated that way.

Most boys grow out of such behavior about 16 years of age. These morons, obviously didn’t.

Y’all that call your self part of the Right? Get off my side.
You morons on the left? you aren’t doing your side any favors with your behavior.

I think they all need a bit of 1968 Chicago riot behavior modification lessons. Perhaps some of the old “Hickory Shampoo” applied liberally to both sides would temper their ardor for a fight.