Acute flaccid myelitis

Seems to be popping up in larger cities.

It started, apparently, in Minneapolis. Which took in HUGE numbers of Somalis and other Eastern Africans.

And, oddly, the disease is MUCH more common in East Africa than anywhere else. (still rare, but MUCH less so).

Now, correlation is not causation. Be aware of that. But still, it is likely that the vector for the disease is the population that has moved from a location where it is more common to a place where it is rare….almost unheard of. It could be Global Warming, or Bush’s fault, but I doubt it….

And it seems to be appearing in many “sanctuary cities” as well. Might just be the larger number of immigrants, might just be statistical noise.

But I doubt that the reason why matters to those children who are US citizens who are now in Iron Lungs or under care to relearn how to move their limbs. I doubt that they care that the DNC got to feel good by resettling a bunch of Somalis in places where they would not assimilate.

Hope and Change, ya know.  I bet little Suzy Whitebread who caught it at school will be in favor of immigration when she grows up…If she lives.