I tried

I tried to give “FBI” on CBS one more chance……but I hadda stop watching.

THis one was about Nuclear Power plants….and the errors to make the plot work were….huge.

Plus, I think the intelligence level of the target audience is about 85…with a 9th grade education.

(and, the writing sucked and the acting was….marginal)

As an engineer with some small level of technical training (but a broad, if not deep, level of knowledge), I find shows like this…. poorly written and (obviously) done without a technical consultant of any kind….to be painful to watch. 

But, seriously, if this “New! Hit! Series!!” is aimed at a mainstream audience (or, God help us, a new Millennial audience) then we, as a nation, are circling the rim.

I think I’m gonna have to change my routine and find something else to do on Tuesday nights..,

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