Re: mail bombs

Does anyone think that these are real? That they are anything but either really poor amateurish attempts to make bombs, or (more likely) to make something that LOOKS like a bomb? (Or at least the type of thing that looks like a bomb as seen in the movies.

PVC? Hard to get any decent pressure to make ….well, either you understand or you don’t. I’m not gonna give any clues. Coiled wires leading to a box from the ends? Yeah, it looks like a movie version of a “bomb”…meant to be seen and identified when the package was X-rayed. I’m surprised they didn’t write “Bomb” on the side in bright red marker just to make sure that it would be identified properly.

Plus of course the “timer” as means of detonation. I’m surprised they didn’t use a “Baby Ben” alarm clock (kids, ask your parents)…..

Plus, of course, those 6 stamps…even though the packages were delivered by a courier, not the USPS.

But hey, it makes for good press don’t it? Lots of pictures and something for the Talking heads to talk about. And, of course, a mostly uneducated audience to believe.

3 thoughts on “Re: mail bombs

  1. I, for one, do believe these are real bombs. Just because they are crudely made, are not constructed to the standards you would use, and appear inferior to other devices, does not mean they are not “real bombs”. What it does indicate to me is that we may not be dealing with an Oppenheimer here. Certainly not someone with highly technical skills or access to superior materials.

    What is interesting to me though, is the targets of these devices. All have been critical of Trump and his policies/agendas. And no, I don’t think I’m “uneducated”.


  2. Sulfur. Gotta have brimstone.

    None of the stories said anything about saltpetre or charcoal or powdered zinc, though.

    I give it 80% odds on fishing for media attention and 20% intent to cause bodily harm.

  3. Dale: You are very intelligent…educated, even…..But if you believe these were real bombs, designed to do more than scare uneducated people, you are foolish.

    You are taking the words of some person who has a journalism degree. Probably doesn't know which end of a screwdriver to pick up, has certainly never handles (or know anything about) explosives, and who has an agenda.

    The errors made if these were to indeed be Bombs are many. The stamps (but no postmark or cancellation stamp!) on the envelopes but yet they were delivered by courier is one. The construction is another. The materials, yet another.

    No, these may have been sent to scare people, and they may be Terror weapons, but they are certainly not what they appear…or at least not what you have been told they are.

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