I’m still not sure if she really felt threatened or if she was just trying to make trouble….or was truly batshit.

So I am in Home Depot shopping for supplies for an improvement project at the shooting range this weekend…..

My shopping list is on the back of a used NRA 50 foot Slow Fire pistol target (hey, I needed paper, and if there is one thing that a range has plenty of, it is used targets, right?)

This woman is walking down the aisle, sees the target and asks if it is a “gun target”.

“Yes, ma’am.”. I reply.

“Are those BULLET HOLES!!!!(eleventy)?”

“Yes, Ma’am”….”it’s a used target…..recycling you know”…

She actually complained to management…that I (or the target, at least) made her feel “unsafe”… Who were very unsupporting of her “feelings” (and polite to me),  but who did assist me in finding everything on the list to get me (and really, I think, her) out of the store as quickly as possible.

I was tempted to ask her if the fact that I was carrying a pistol under my shirt was important to her, but the poor employees at Home Depot were stressed enough from dealing with her, so I didn’t let her know…although it would have been fun to see if her head exploded from anxiety or something……. Plus that could be taken as “brandishing”, so I didn’t……

But really…A paper target makes one feel threatened? 

2 thoughts on “Triggered….

  1. Should have reminded the person more people are killed by hammers and other blunt objects, so how come she isn't worried about that.

  2. Wow… Ummm… THAT is triggered. She's got some serious issues!

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