So in the last weeks of fiscal 2017, assorted government agencies spent the last money in their budgets.

50 Billion dollars. In less than 2 weeks. If they don’t spend the money, they lose it. So they spend it.

Fifty Billion in arcade games, unneeded autos, shuffleboards, advertising, Fidget spinners and paddleboards.

Even TheDonald’s office flushed their budget before they lost it.

Remember that next time they claim budget cuts will destroy their ability to do their jobs. 

One thought on “50 BILLION

  1. Yeah; in the military we called it "fallout money." If, say, we had a budget of $200K for the year, and there was $20K left unspent, the next year's budget would be $180K. So we made sure the meter read zero by 30SEP. We actually had a "wish list" drawn up for these expenditures ahead of time.

    I don't know who was buying the arcade games, shuffleboards, etc, but it wasn't the Coast Guard. You wouldn't BELIEVE how little the Coast Guard has to work with! For us, it was more like new test equipment for the shop, new winter coats for the Alaska patrols, and the like… stuff that was needed, but not budgeted for…

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