Just to stir trouble:

Forget Chevy vs Ford (Dodge, actually, is the correct answer, BTW)

Forget GLOCK Vs 1911 (Y’all know my answer to that one).

The real question we have here today, the one that matters,  the one that chooses where you stand, what your lifestyle is, the one that makes us all take sides in life and choose our friends and all that….The one that defines WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU STAND FOR….:

Creamy or Crunchy peanut butter? Smooth or chunky?

I’m withholding revealing my choice at this time, but please, feel free to say your preference in comments.

5 thoughts on “Just to stir trouble:

  1. I like crunchy, my wife likes creamy. So I like creamy.
    Happy wife, happy life.


  2. "Dodge is the right choice"……….. If you like rebuilding the tranny every 50K miles and the front end every 75K.


  3. Funny, my last one (diesel, 2500) went over 375K with neither the front end rebuilt or ever cracking the transmission except for fluid and filter changes every 50K. That was an '03.

    A good friend has an 04 that will hit 500K this year with only ball joints and bearings in the front end, and STILL the original transmission.

    Perhaps we just got lucky. or perhaps you are misinformed.
    I think you are repeating what some other person told you with no real knowledge. Most go at least 150K before the trans fails, and the front end "death wobble) happens to them about the same time. Lots of automobiles wear out about that same mileage. But don't let reality get in the way of your prejudices my man. Stand strong.

    So which peanut butter do you like?

  4. There are people who love Crunchy PB, and there are unwashed heathens. I live with two of them. Really, though, thye always BUY creamy and those jars remain unopened, where the crunchy that I buy disappears faster than KY jelly in a whorehouse.

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