Said no man ever:

So I am at the Dr’s office. I like my doctor, I really do….

I had an issue which caused a bit of pain, and we discussed the level of pain it caused.

She said that women experience pain and deal with it better than men, so a 10 for a man is like a 6 for a woman

“Not true”, says I.  “While we may handle it differently, men simply deal with it”. Women can’t handle the pain of a fight, or an injury as well as men”. Putting a number on it isn’t a good comparison. Most women can’t handle the level of pain that men can and keep going.

“Oh yeah?” she asked. “explain”…..”Women handle childbirth…a greater pain than you can ever imagine”.

“I cannot ever experience the pain a woman undergoes giving birth, but it can’t be that bad, either.”

“how do you figure?” she asked.

“Women often choose to have another child after their first one….it can’t be as bad as say….getting kicked in the….er….jimmies.”

“how can you compare the two?

“Well, again, women often choose to have a second, or third or even more children…If it were as bad as you say, after the first birth experience, no man would ever touch you again……But you often choose to have another child.”

“So?” she asked

“No man ever stands there and says “Gee, I think I will ask someone to kick me in the testicles again”

We moved on to other areas of discussion after that.