Another endorsement

I now hold a “Complex” endorsement.

I did it with a Piper aircraft. Which flies OK, it just isn’t the aircraft I would choose to buy.

“Complex” isn’t really that big of a deal, actually. Just more to do at takeoff, climb, descent and landing. Pretty simple though.

Damned fast, that Turbo Arrow, what with no gear and no struts causing drag. 

3 thoughts on “Another endorsement

  1. Cool beans. The complex is probably the most fun, that is, outside the taildragger or seaplane.

    Since you seem a Cessna man, are you considering a strutless 210? Which ever type you choose, I heartedly recommend the Cessna Owner Organization, or Mike Busch who is based at KSMX.


  2. Prolly a 182 P or Q first. I figure I can fly it for a year or two (and figure what I REALLY want/need in an airplane) and still get my money back out of it, more or less.

    If it works out that I have a need for it, I REALLY lust after the 337's. But I dunno.

  3. If you think the 337 is something, you will be bowled over by the 336. It is not same same. Do yourself a favor and look into.


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