The more I fly Piper products…

The more I like Cessna’s engineering.

So I have flown a Warrior and 2 different Arrows….One Turbo and one not.

And I gotta say that there is no one thing that is terribly bad on any of ’em, but SO many things, switches, electrical busses, controls, fuel selector (WTF is wrong with a “Both” position?), etc. are just….less than ideal, at least in my mind. Kinda half assed, if you will.

They fly ok, but I don’t like the “feel”, especially on approach. And I HATE the way they sink when the power is pulled back.

But hey, to each their own. Some folks like’em. I think, however, that I will start with a Cessna.

I mean, this is like Glock V 1911 (1911 for me)….pretty much a preference thing. 

3 thoughts on “The more I fly Piper products…

  1. It is very much a preference thing. I've flown both, a lot, and find the Pipers more stable and they handle crosswinds better, to me they feel more like a heavier aircraft. Cessna's two doors are much more convenient. Checking fuel in the Piper is much easier but you get shade under the Cessna wing – when you don't bump into it. The engine setup on the Piper is less prone to carb icing than the Cessna. I like the payload capacity of the Pipers over the Cessnas. It's all preference.

    The fuel switch is because it is not gravity fed like the Cessna and the fuel pump system can't suck through two straws at once – it's easy to manage and becomes routine with practice.

    You can also do slips with full flaps in a Piper and should not do that in a Cessna but again its a preference thing.

    Fly 'em, find the one that suits your style and have fun.

  2. Hi Ya'll,
    No shit!!! There I waz',… thought I wasz' gonna' die!! Well really not, but, Cessna's to Piper's, Flown em' both!!… and Jumped out of bofem'!!! The Cessna with it's high wing and bird leg landing gear makes it a great platform for skydivin'.. especialy, "puttin' students out!! If'n I had a nickle for every student I Jumpmastered off a Cessna I could buy enough whiskey to get all of us drunk at least for a couple of daze!!!!! Gotta love it, had some GI BILL time from college left, got my private and went for the last 11 mos in time for a Commercial/ instrument rating!! My Wife fucked up her knee playing softball!! Needed surgery!! My mom-in-law flew out from Miami to LAX for the operation!! Landing during the "Rush hour!!"..LAX 12NOV1980…PA28-161, N8248T, It would have been a 2 hour drive from LGB to LAX to pick her up!! I logged a evening of instrument work incorporating a night instrument approach into LAX to pick up "MOM".. "Hood" all the way!! on final the controller says,"48TANGO MAINTAIN 125 KNOTS!! THERE'S A 727 BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I had the power all the way back, the nose down, 125 indicated and tryin' to stay on the 'GLIDE SLOPE!!!!" hit the inner marker, pulled up the hood, "POUNDED" the mains on the concrete and the controller is yelling," TAKE THE FIRST HIGH SPEED EXIT!!"..I DID and the 727 joc was cussin' me a blue streak as he put it down right behind me by nanoseconds!!!!!!!! but we pulled it off.. One nice thing about the warrior.. when I wanted to "Stick it!!!" IT STUCK!!!!!!!!!
    FAA Private Pilot (ASEL) and MASTER PARACHUTE RIGGER (Back, Chest and Seat!!) 2067851,
    PS all
    of this is right out of my brain and my "LOG BOOK!!!!!"

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