The beast that is Socialism:

See Charlie Gard for one example.

See Alfie Evans for another.

Are these children not deserving of any attempt to save their life?

If they were animals, then we’d put them down out of humaneness…

But they aren’t animals.

But the beast that is Socialism, exemplified by the courts representing the State, would not let the parents pursue even last chance, likely useless, attempts to save their children.

No, they must dies in the arms of the State Medical Care.

So decrees the State.

Now, on the one hand, it is likely that Alfie Evans will not survive, no matter what treatment is given.

On the other, the State has decreed that its chosen representatives have the right to decide how, and in what manner, and when these children are treated.

If ever there is an example of why we should dismantle ObamaCare, this is one. Creeping Statism. It is my belief that this was the end game of ObamaCare’s adherents…….the furtherance of Statism….

And if ever there is a reason for the Second Amendment the case of Alfie Evans (and Charlie Gard) is an example.

My child would be taken from those who declare he must die…and he would be taken to where I, as a parent, chose to take him for care. …..The number of the Minions of the State who would take damage be damned.

Say a prayer for Little Alfie and his parents. 

One thought on “The beast that is Socialism:

  1. There is no bigger POS in tne situation than Alfie's doctor who said he won't sign off on the boy going home to die until he sees a "sea change" in tne parents attitude.

    Spit. There is a self-important bureaucrat n need of a tar and feathering.

    As I read in the comments to one of the articles about Alfie, the bigger the state gets, the smaller the individual.


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