Let that be a lesson:

So Bill Cosby was found guilty today…of sexual assault. 

Now, I don’t know if he did it, or not.

I do know that these allegations all surfaced AFTER he became an outspoken critic of the liberal “Hip-Hop” black lifestyle.

Odd timing that.

Lots of people lined up to get him for daring to speak out in criticism. The liberals (and especially BLACK liberals), sharpened their knives.

And when the State couldn’t prove their case the first trial, they tried him again until they could find a jury that WOULD find him guilty……especially after they prevented his defense from presenting evidence. Even liberal attorneys seem to think that his case will be reversed on appeal.

One might think that the liberal establishment was simply out to get him for his comments….and if they can’t get him into jail, they were happy to trash the reputation of an elderly man and cost him large money in his trial.