Next time they want a cake….

Point ’em to this:

New York judge rules bar didn’t overstep bounds in bouncing Trump backer

So, at one end of the country, businesses have to respect the beliefs of the customers, even when they find it offensive….Like baking a cake for a gay couple….

But in New York, political beliefs are not protected…at least then it comes to Trump supporters.

When will liberals realize that what is good for the goose is sauce for the gander?

I mean, next election cycle (or the one after that) they will likely have a candidate that is reviled by a great number of people….and in the Midwest, they will likely (now) be discriminated against. When the next bunch of liberals can;t get a meal in some small town, or some dude can’t get a drink or a room in West Virginia wearing an Obama hat because the coal mines were shut down by Barry….will they sue? Will justice be the same for them that is was for this dude?

Or is only SOME speech and/or beliefs protected?

One thought on “Next time they want a cake….

  1. "Or is only SOME speech and/or beliefs protected?"…As shameful as it is, it only works one way…now.

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