So I thought:

Didn’t Barry get all those Syrian Chemical weapons? You know, the nonexistent ones that they got from Iraq.

But I thought Barry saved us all by getting all those weapons out of Syria…..

So who used what on those poor folks? 

2 thoughts on “So I thought:

  1. Nah, he did't get all the chemical weapons. He instead got a promise, pinky swear, by the completely trustworthy Assad regime that they totally got rid of all their chemical weapons.

    Even John Kerry even after declaring that they got 100% of Syria's chemical weapons later admitted 100% isn't actually 100%. It was just enough to give Obama the cover he needed to avoid actually having to do something beyond pontificating. In other words, the Obama administration yet again knowingly lied to the American people, surprise!

    Still, it is a totally unverified claim that Obama may have told Assad "If you like your chemical weapons, you can keep your chemical weapons".

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