Maybe I’m missing something?

Other than giving the Senators and the Representatives a chance to preen (and, if they are important enough, bloviate on and on  ad nauseum)…what, exactly, is the reason for the hearings with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg?

I mean, as far as I can tell, Facebook didn’t do anything illegal. So what is the expected result from these hearings?????It’s not like FaceBook is a public company or utility.

ETA: ‘Twas also pointed out to me that No One was under oath for this hearing…..)

And if you weren’t aware of the fact that your personal information and it’s dissemination to advertisers and other interested parties was the reason that Facebook was free….and that YOU, as the Facebook customer were, in fact, the product….Then you really are stupid, aren’t you?

There is a reason that my Facebook account does not use my real name, is never opened in a browser that I normally use for other web surfing, in passed through a VPN and anonymizer, etc. I knew….. If you don’t know, then you deserve whatever “invasion of privacy” you suffered. I don’t have any data out there for them to “steal”

So, again, what are the (no doubt costly) hearings in Congress doing for us? What, exactly, will they accomplish? We are, after all, paying the expenses for this show trial….We should ask our congresscritters what they are accomplishing with this expenditure of our money?

ETA: Apparently, in 2011, they agreed to some sort of Consent Decree about keeping Users information private (HT: Earthbound Misfit)

I still think that if you are surprised that your data and shopping preferences and pretty much everything that FaceBook knows about you is disseminated for profit, then you are a Total Moron and you should not breed…In fact, you are a waste of air.