If Donnie wants to enact REAL welfare reform, it is simple:

Make each person, able bodied or not, who is even partially mobile and who is on welfare, work.

Now, you say, there are no jobs. If that is true for their particular area….say in a 10 mile radius, then we should use some of those unused building the Federal Government owns and give them a place to report to every day at, say 8 AM….and make ’em stay there until 5 PM…..Even if they do nothing at that location.

IF folks are forced to get up and clan up and show up somewhere, even if they do no work, for 8 hours….Betcha that they will find it an incentive to find real, gainful, employment…Something that pays more. Most areas have LOTS of jobs waiting to be filled.

While they are at their place of “Employment” they can learn something. Offer classes Start with real “Three “R’s” ” and go from there….

What? you say? What about all those single women who have to take care of their kids???? Well, there is a few jobs right there.

We can go forward with that, and find other stuff for these folks to do…if nothing else, give ’em a set of gloves and let ’em clan up the streets or trim brush in parks or whatever you think would be needed. But make getting Federal (and Federally funded state) benefits require some mild motivation to get off the couch…show up sober and able to work…at an hour that is reasonable, but requires that one get up in the morning.

Bet that cuts down of crime too, as those folks will have to get some sleep before they get up at 6 or 7 to go to”work”.

But the big thing, No More Free Rides. Gotta “work” for those government handouts  benefits. 

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  1. Even when there are no "jobs" there is work. Things rot, rust and depreciate. There might not be enough work to justify the overhead of a traditional "job", but there is still work.

    Jobs did not become the norm until Henry Ford started selling Model Ts on time. Then, banks wanted to see a "pay check" from a "job" as proof that the person requesting the loan would be able to pay it back.

    Before that, we lived in a "work based" economy. Workers who did not perform every day were not rehired.

    Work is like dating. Jobs are like marriage.

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