Send lawyers and money….

Was watching this story (and the GOFundME) for a few days to see if the funding rose to any decent levels. So far it hasn’t. But then I saw that Balleye’s Boomers had posted it, so I am gonna be lazy and just link to HIS STORY instead. I think her need is a good cause.

(ETA: Since some folks seem to be having issues accessing via the link, here is the actual link for Copy/Paste: )

I sent a check to her via her attorney and if you can, I’d ask you to do the same.,,,ir if it is easier for you, then do the GoFund ME. I generally dislike promoting  GoFundME fundraisers, if only because of the rake-in off the top for the folks that facilitate the fund raising….and because sometimes the fundraising goes to insane levels, making me feel like I have participated in a profit taking scheme rather than helping someone…

having said that, this time I am promoting the crowdfunding of her defense.

Personally, were someone to take and whack the shit out of the person who filed the Wrongful Death suit against her, I would be inclined to cheer them on and buy them a beer. But I’m like that….

This sort of suit SHOULD be thrown out, but often they aren’t. And the person bringing the suit is, at best, rolling the dice…No real stake, just trying for Free Money…

Donate, if you can. This could be me, or you.

You can find the defense attorney’s website HERE.

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