Seems that there is some hope that Kalifornia will split. I doubt that it will happen soon, but there is a HUGE drive for it and it may well get on the ballot. I can’t see the LA folks letting this happen, as they will lose so much income….I can see “Norther” California wantin’ it to, but, again, LA will fight ’em….they need the money. Eastern portion is a wash, really….

In addition, LA needs the water the other portions would then control.

Plus I’m not so sure that I want any of the Californians to get more votes in the Senate. Even a conservative Californian is pretty liberal on my terms.


3 thoughts on “Calexit….sorta

  1. The California split proposal as written will result in 3 progressive states as the guy behind it made sire each one had a city dominated by lefties to control it (The three were LA, San Fran, and San Diego). Other proposals would make it far more even, but the goal for this one is pretty clearly to create a Democrat dominance in the US Senate from the split with 4 more Democrat Senators-For-Life in the offing.

  2. There are plenty of real conservatives in California. We have just been drowned out by the fucking nutjobs who have steadily invaded the state, to the point that we might as well give the southern portion back to Mexico. Hell, L.A. is over half hispanic (it's over %60, easily) and most subsist off welfaire and aren't even legal.

    Every time I think about how California has become a cesspit of insanity it gets me pissed. If I had the money I'd move to Virginia or Carolina.

  3. I have said this before.
    The way for California to make a split is for the counties that border other states to have the option to leave California and joining the bordering state. That way, there is no change in the number of Senators and House members in D.C. However present California might have to lose a number or representatives to the bordering states when the California counties join those bordering states. And with the reduced number of representatives, the electoral numbers also leave.
    Then once a county that joins a bordering state the next bordering county has the option to leave California and join the state at the new border.
    Modoc county would have the option of joining Oregon or Nevada and San Bernardino could choose between Nevada or Arizona.

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