Is your Church BATF(e) approved?

Remember, today is the day when, 25 years ago, the Clinton Regime (Bubba, not Hillary) burned a bunch of people to death because they had to cover the fuckups of the BATF who bungled an investigation and raid when they tried to be spectacular attention getting so they wouldn’t lose their funding.

After the opening debacle, they chose to tinhorn and call in the FBI…who, under Reno, made things worse.

Then, losing patience, on April 19th, they burned a bunch of people….and when the local Fire Department tried to arrive to fight the fire, they KEPT THEM OUT TOO, in order than all those who would defy the STATE would die…..and they nearly succeeded with all of them.

Of course, none of the ATF agents, nor the FBI boys and girls were ever jailed, nor punished to any degree for their actions.  Most were “Just Following Orders”.

And we, as citizens, just stood by and watched the Feds do it….. (Never again)

Remember that, when they tell you to Give Up Your Guns.

You’ll never get mine, nor will you ever find ’em all….