Gun Control

So today is also the day,  243 years ago, wherein the first attempt at Gun Control by a government in what is now the United States was attempted….

How’d that work out for ’em?

Yep, when the British Government tried to confiscate powder and shot in order to prevent the colonists from being able to resist the Colonial Governors orders and rules…The result was different than they thought it would be.

At the end of it, many on both sides were injured and/or dead….But the would-be oppressors  had learned a lesson…..The Colonists would not be trod upon lightly.

Would that our government of today remember that lesson, and prevent another Lexington or Concord with today’s modern tools.

That action 243 years ago led to a war, and a new country being formed.
If it happened today, the same things might happen, only the damage would be worse….on both sides.

Let’s try to prevent that.

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