Now, I don’t know the methodology, nor how the kid controlled for other variables, nor if the kid is biased or not.


A science fair project at a California high school faced criticism earlier this week after it compared race and IQ levels in connection to participation in an elite program at the school, The Sacramento Bee reported Saturday.

Seems that people complained abut the conclusions without ever finding out if the methods used led to a valid conclusion.

Now, I know a significant number of very intelligent folks of African ancestry. Same same (although fewer) of people of southeast Asian ancestry (I just know fewer of them). Same with Hispanics.

Lots of very smart people, and, lets face it, lots of dumb ones too. Same with white (european ancestry) folks.

I would think that the incredibly smart percentage of those minority students are already IN better schools, and likely their parents area also exceptional examples who are likely wealthy enough to not need to sent their kids to public school….therefore they weren’t a part of the studied group. This does not, however, make the study inaccurate. The study does match my experience with people  in general.

Are the results and conclusions of the study correct? I dunno. I really don’t care.

However, the fact that the science fair project was pulled because it makes some people uncomfortable is what I find objectionable. 

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  1. "Think of how stupid the average person is and then realize half of them are even stupider than that".

    George Carlin

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