And this is scary:

Seems that there is a shortage of Blue Agave, which leads (soon) to a shortage of tequila. 

Now, for some, this is a serious issue.

Luckily for me, I no longer drink tequila, having learned that there is a correlation between how much of that evil drink I consume and how many fights I get into, and, as a consequence, how many interactions with the po-po I have afterwards (Seems that tequila makes me break out in handcuffs….usually proned out on the ground).

But for some folks I know, this could be a serious issue.

Besides, real (ahem) mature men drink whiskey. 

2 thoughts on “And this is scary:

  1. Why does tequila make me grow six inches and gain fifty pounds of muscle and develop the fighting skills of a trained cage fighter? It is weird that way. I didn't like turning into The Hulk, so I don't drink tequila anymore either.

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