Remember Trump said

That Europe wasn’t spending enough to keep it’s commitments to NATO?
That they couldn’t field the required naval, airforce, or land forces?

He was right:

 German defense official warned the country’s navy is running out of combat-capable vessels & will be unable to deploy overseas. He said that several frigates & auxiliary ships were already decommissioned due to their age.
“The Navy is running out of deployment-capable ships,” Hans-Peter Bartels, chief of the German parliament’s defense committee, told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. He said that the problem has snowballed over time, because old ships were taken out of service but no replacement vessels were provided.

NATO doesn’t have the ability to fight, because they don’t have the personnel nor the materiel with which to do so.

They’ve been spending the money they SHOULD have been on their military on Social Programs for at least the past 20 years…..and hiding behind the Skirts of the US for military defense. …same as the rest of NATO…..and Canadia.


And this is what the Obama administration tried to do to the US armed forces, and the DNC type folks are STILL trying to do to the US military.
The US military isn’t far behind that of NATO…..maintenance has been deferred, ships and planes haven’t been replaced, other material is not in the pipeline for replacement as it wears out.