Just plain fookin’ stoopid?

Or is this a setup for GoFundME campaign to get even more money?

I find it hard to think that anyone could be THAT stupid. (on second thought, no, I really don’t, look at their ages. Probably were Obama voters and SJW types too)
‘Tis one thing to follow your dreams when you are in your 20’s. It is another to embark on an adventure like this with NO experience, NO insurance and NO knowledge of what the hell you are doing.

‘We sold everything to do this and lost it in 20 minutes’: Couple, who ditched their lives to move to a 28-foot sailboat despite having no experience on the water, have to be rescued when their boat SINKS two days in

The compassionate part of me feels sorry for them……(Nope, who am I kidding. I don’t)

One thought on “Just plain fookin’ stoopid?

    I concur!! 'Spent almost 4 years in the NAVY, PR-2, USS PRINCETON LPH-5 and the USS OKINAWA LPH-3….. (1966-1970) Went thru a few storms, crossed the Equator 3 Times (SHELLBACK!!!! 27SEP1968 outa' Singapore!!"AND" "TYPHOON TESSIE!!!" as Kirk (Ned Land) called her in Disney's "Moby Dick!!"……..
    "5-DAZE!!!! we wee in the Bitch!!" The "Commode-Door" LaCava over rode the Navigator and put us in the middle of it!! (On the "OKI-BOAT" Nam '70 Cruise) MAY70 on our way to New Zealand to deliver some A-4 Skyhawks for their Air Force!! "EVERY PIECE OF RADAR, RADIO AND NAVIGATION GOT WACKED!!!!!" Finally the storm kicked us to the outer perimeter and two of the Ships crawled up the flight deck to the ship's helo and raised New Zealand on a emergency frequency…. they sent a P-2 out looking for us, found us and pointed us toward NZ!! I was seasick for 5 daze and lost "15 solid pounds!!" from 175 down to 160!!!! It cost the US TAXPAYER Big $$ to fix us up before we could report to the Line!!
    Yes, I'd say those people were "FOOKIN' STUPID!!!!!!!!!!"

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