Gotta ask: Where did he get the money?

Seems that this Cruz fellow, who shot up the school in Florida, somehow, despite working as a clerk in the Dollar store, was able to find the scratch to buy 10 firearms in the year preceding his crime at the school.

Ten. Firearms.

Now, I don’t know what he had, exactly.

But figure this:

His AR cost about $600 (to start, more if he got fancy).

Magazines, he had IIRC, 10, so that was about $100.

Plus 9 other firearms. Figure a minimum of $250 each if he went used.  So that is another $2500 or more.
Odd that….Odd that he could come up with that kind of cash…..On a salary just a bit above minimum wage. Probably not full time, either, as the Dollar store has few full time folks.

When I was making minimum wage or a bit more, I didn’t have the scratch to FEED my one gun purchase (which I bought used, and saved for MONTHS to buy), much less buy 9 more….
Where did he get the money?

Don’t forget, he had $500 or more worth of other “tactical” gear on that day as well.

Where did he get the cash for that?

Perhaps he stopped eating for a month or two…..

11 thoughts on “Gotta ask: Where did he get the money?

  1. It'd be interesting to see WHERE these guns came from. After all, if he bought them on the black market, it would blow HUGE holes in the anti-gun whiners' push for "gun" control; no?

    Chances are though, he maxed out a credit card…

  2. My question exactly. That douche who did not do the Aurora Colorado shooting had over 36,000$ worth of equipment and weapons on a salary of 15,000$/year working as a graduate assistant. It is clear we are being lied to. The agenda is gun control and it won't work. Too many people have figured out the game. Mooks, nothing but Mooks.

  3. Kid lived in a very nice neighborhood in a probably $500,000 plus house before adopted mother died in November, 2017. Wonder how much he and brother inherited at her death. Dad died 10 years ago. Wonder if there is a trust fund.

  4. My wife and I are in Pompano Beach, about 15 miles away from the school. Local newscasts are reporting he purchased the weapon from a local gun store with a credit card (not reporting whose). Also reported he had 3 extra clips, dumped the weapon and left the building with other students who were fleeing. The general feeling here in south Florida is outrage, against not only the gunman, but the shop which sold the gun to the individual.

    Personally, I have no problem with stricter background checks. Of course, the worst thing I have ever done is get a speeding ticket when I was 20; 70 in a 55, (thanks oil crisis of 1976). I know I can pass any background check, but I’d like to try to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of those that should not be handling them.


  5. D:

    How would "Stricter backgroud checks" have helped? At the point of his purchase, he hadn't done anything that would preclude the purchase.

    We need better mental health screening.

    How, exactly, would you have made the checks "Stricter"?

  6. I don't have all the answers, Bert. But prior to the school shooting the person had posted he intended to be a "professional school shooter". Making a statement like that should be disqualifying, in my opinion.

    1st amendment freedom of speech lets you say anything, but doesn't protect you from any consequences of what you say. Example: You hire me to work in your shop. I tell customers you dislike all liberals (okay only MOST liberals). You fire me. Have you violated my right to free speech? What I said wasn't incorrect or defamatory. Of course you haven't. I made a statement, and the result is my employer decided he couldn't have someone with those opinions.

    Off the top of my head, if someone had publicly posted a threat, been convicted, had a restraining order issued against them, gotten a tattoo, drives a foreign car, etc, that would be disqualifying. Like I said, I don't have the answers, but we can discuss options as a nation (hopefully without resulting in childlike name calling) and perhaps come up with a workable solution.


  7. D: I agree with you. Obviously, local Law Enforcement and the FBI felt differently. At some point a person like Cruze should be taken in and at lease evaluated for his issues. Perhaps kept from purchasing weapons…..But really, if they shouldn't be allowed to purchase weapons, should they be allowed to roam free in our society?

    Having said that, that is a slippery slope to step upon. One to tread very, very carefully, as there are those who would misuse it. The Obama administration tried that with some of our veterans….

  8. trust fund, but only upon reaching the age of 22. guess the govt gets that 800k now?

  9. River said it: the inheritance. I'm sure he got some a small piece of it. I'd add tax refunds to that list of possible money sources.

    And, as you mention in your post Mr. B, you had a gun but couldn't feed it at one point in your life. I had 4 or 5 back when I couldn't tell you how I'd feed myself the next day or make rent. The reason you may, one day, pry my gun from my cold dead fingers will be because I starved to death.

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