Election time is approaching

And, with it, the cries about making “The Wealthy” and the Millionaires and Billionaires having to pay their “Fair Share”.
Especially on the Chicago TV stations. Were one looking at it from outside our culture and country, you’d think every one of the candidates is a Socialist…

‘Cause they all want all of the “Wealthy” (note that wealthy is undefined, but most of the candidates have a fair bit of wealth) to pay whatever they think (but won’t define) is a “Fair Share”…

Really? Cause if we do that, folks, you won’t like it.

Tax revenues will drop by about 45% if we all paid our “Fair Share” Most voters taxes aren’t even a rounding error in the actual tax tolls. The bottom 40% don’t even PAY taxes. It is the top 10% that pays the bills for the rest.

So, tell me, what, exactly, is the “Fair Share” of which you speak?? Should we all pay 20%? 30%? 50%? What, (and please, be specific) constitutes a “Fair Share” of income that we all should pay?

(Note I said “All”. Yep, if you want to do 50% taxes, then we all get to do 50% from the kid making minimum wage on up. 
That’s “fair” in my definition.) 

I’m all for it, but I’d like it defined beforehand.