But of COURSE they had no idea

No idea at all as to who might have organized the Anti-Trump rally. 

Sure, they had no idea. (I believe that, the Easter Bunny told me so, along with Santa.)

It was, apparently, the “Russians”.

And the MSM (at least the mostly liberal leaners, anyway) who gave good coverage to the “Anti” rally and scant coverage of the “Pro” rally.

( I have always thought that the press had a tie in with the “Russians”….The Soviets used them well during the Vietnam era to disseminate propaganda manipulate public opinion regarding the war, and there are, if one bothers to look, many other examples of foreign manipulation of the press.

Unwitting? Perhaps, but not likely. They aren’t that stupid, they had to know. Not saying Trump and his campaign are completely innocent, but the press was SURELY colluding to manipulate the election (and not for Trump). Perhaps with the Russians, surely with each other.

If you believe otherwise, then you are either a fool, a dupe, or a tool.