Starting to not add up

Yes, I understand what I am beginning to sound like.

And yes, I realize that I need to buy more Reynolds Wrap. Perhaps two boxes….I have a Beanie, maybe I need a Yarmulke as well…

But really, folks, at some point, the coincidences and oddities add up, don’t they?….. Strain the credibility of even a sane and normal person, much less one like me…

I mean, somehow, all these kids from Parkland, Florida got themselves organized for protests… themselves?

High school kids organized themselves that well and that quickly?

All those other kids across the country got together for nearly simultaneous protests?

Really? I’m expected to believe that high school kids could organize themselves like that? Across the country….all at once?

I find that odd. Very odd. The Media had people primed and ready when this happened….almost like they had advance knowledge that this shooting was coming.

All the mistakes that Law Enforcement made…..the roommate who was so well primed “he had the right and i wouldn’t stop him”…..The collection of Anti and Ex-NRA folks….all those who are firearms owners but who “want restrictions on Second Amendment rights” that they are interviewing (I’ve never met a firearms aficionado who wants restrictions on their right to keep and bear….ever)…..No way they came up with all those in a few days…..

Yeah, I went there, and yes, it disturbs me that I can even consider that people would do what I am suggesting.

Add in the info from the post BELOW….

Things just seem….off ….here….I am actually beginning to wonder if this is a false flag event.

(07:58CDT) ETA: AAANNND then there is THIS to consider…..Curiouser and curiouser, innit?

1933 Z ETA(2): And then there is this, as well. 

3 thoughts on “Starting to not add up

  1. their mouth piece david hogg, never went there. he graduated from a kali school in 2015, yet here he was in parkland seconds after the shooting live on camera. well, not so live. there's footage floating around showing him rehearsing, then flubbing his lines. FALSE FLAG! just like the guy in sandy hook who is on camera once as a fbi sniper with his helmet on sideways, once as a swat guy, then again as a parent of a victim, and who still is making the rounds talking it up. we have been bamboozled again.

  2. The Libbies have found the "magic bullet;" get the kids whining, and they'll get what they want…

  3. His caregivers were going after his inheritance. 800,000.
    Maybe they let him have a little?

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