What does this tell you?

A paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science reports that a group of researchers directed by James Barrett of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at the University of Cambridge, has radiocarbon dated 153 new finds, including arrows, tools, skis, rags, horse gear and “scaring sticks” (poles used in the hunting of reindeer).

According to Cosmos magazine , the objects were all unearthed from melting ice patches in the region of Jotunheimen and the surrounding mountain areas of Oppland in Norway. According to the experts, the dates shed new light on the occupation of the region, with the researchers concluding that the population and hunting practices in the area increased and decreased drastically in combination with the climate changes there. During periods of extreme cold for example, signs of human presence decrease, while they appear to return again in the warmer periods.

This find tells me that it was longa go, warm enough that people lived there, and worked there, and hunted there and grew crops there. Then it got cold enough that they all left and went somewhere else.

Then it warmed enough that someone else went and found all the stuff that they left behind that, until now, was covered with ice.

Therefore it has been both significantly colder there (In Norway), and significantly warmer. (Much like the rest of the earth).

“Global Warming” is bullshit, so is “Global Cooling”, “Climate Change” is also a bunch of bushwah.

These cycles happened over and over in the past. The changes we see today are normal variations in climate.

All thse climate scientists should be shot for stealing money from governments and false reporting. 

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  1. Well, "Climate Change" is pretty clear, when it's not being used as a marketing buzz word.

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