Who is writing the script?

Seems that all of the DNC types, and a goodly percentage of the RNC types keep repeating the Mantra:

“A Border Wall isn’t a good solution, we have Technology that is more effective”

“We have technical solutions which do a better job of keeping our border safe”

WTF? Cameras don’t deter anyone. Nor do motion detectors. A physical barrier that is difficult to climb or go around, that is imposing and is hard to scale is a Great Solution. It may not stop everyone, but it WILL stop most.

The only technological solution  that is a deterrent is a minefield (which is also a barrier). The downside is the maintenance (and the fact that it kills people rather than just deterring them).

Spycams and motion detectors don’t do anything unless you have the manpower to back it up and apprehend what/who the devices detect. We don’t have that much manpower in Customs and Border Patrol.

But seriously: Who is writing the script that these congressweasels keep repeating? Someone is telling ’em what to say. They’ve been saying it for the past 30 years or so, (and fighting against a wall for all that time) and so far, I can’t see that we have a better solution than a wall. Oddly, walls and fences work where we put ’em along the border near California and in some places in Texas….People have to go to other locations to cross.

Who is putting words in the mouths of our Senators? Who’s paying ’em to repeat back that bullshit?  

One thought on “Who is writing the script?

  1. George Soros spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year supporting illegal immigration not only into the US but the UK and France and Germany. He is using his billions to move the third world into the first world as expediently as he can. You'll have to ask him why.

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