Don’t trust ’em, Donnie:

Ronnie Reagan trusted the rest of his Government when he went for Immigration Amnesty in 1986….And he got screwed. So did the American people.

There was no border security implemented (as promised)…none.  Few of the “legalized” illegals paid any fines, and few ever met any of the other requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

There were 4 million illegals when the act was signed.

Now we have 25 million illegals. No border security to speak of, and the Left (and some of the Right) has done their best to keep us from getting a border wall for the past 32 years. We have a greater problem with illegal immigrants now than we did then. And remember: 4 million or more got amnesty in 1986. So those 25 million (or more) are all new.

Mr Trump: DON’T TRUST ’em. Demand a COMPLETED wall before ANY other actions take place regarding immigration or Amnesty for ANY illegals. A wall must be completed as a precondition for all the other legislation to become law.


Don’t trust anything else. Don’t trust the congressmen (and women) on the Right, and SURE AS HELL don’t trust the congresscritters from the Left.

They want the illegals so they get cheap labor (right) and more voters (left). More people to exploit.

Make ’em ante up first. Wall.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Schumer et al will weaselword, lie, anything to keep from actually DOING anything.

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