Deep State

So yesterday (Tuesday)…..While having lunch with a friend, I listened to a man  in the restaurant expound on the Deep State….You know, the ones who:

1. Covered for Hillary and Bill in all their misdeeds during Bill’s term as president. (See also the definition of “Fostered”).
2. Tried desperately to come up with some reason for Trump to not be eligible for election.
3. Tried to come up with false information to discredit him. Paid for by the FBI and State.
4. Colluded with each other to give Hillary an out for her misdeeds that came to light.
5. Accuse Trump of “Russian Collusion” while hiding Hillary’s actual collusion with those same “Russians”.

-….and about 6 or 7 other items that DO point to a conspiracy of entrenched bureaucrats. One that is now blatantly hiding evidence of their own misdeeds and ignoring requests from Congressional investigations. Blatantly.

And then he pointed out all the inconsistencies in the Kennedy Assassination, and how it couldn’t have been Lee Harvey who did all of the shooting (which I do believe, Warren Commission notwithstanding) but rather the CIA under the command of the “Deep State”.

He also mentioned Reagan and the oddly well-timed series of “missteps” by the Secret Service that day which allowed the attempt on his life by John Hinkley ……..(and the commonalities between him and Oswald) in an attempt Reagan from doing what Trump wants to do today….

At first I was dismissive, but then I considered his statements and I couldn’t help but think that there might be a bit of truth in the connection he claimed. The more I thought about it, the more disturbing it was…..I couldn’t dismiss his statements.

I find that kinda scary, actually. Evidence does point in that direction. I cannot discount it. Is it possible (even likely) that there is a group of folks who, over the past 54 (or more) years, have twisted and (mis) guided and controlled our country’s direction? I can’t say “No” anymore.

I wish that I could laugh his statements off…..But I can’t. Deeply entrenched Conspiracies??
But I can’t laugh it away anymore.

And we are allowing these things to slide.

Yeah he might be crazy. I might be crazy. But that doesn’t mean we are wrong……

If I only knew what to do about it. 

2 thoughts on “Deep State

  1. Not a lot we 'can' do… Other than pray they don't succeed. Dammit

  2. Just because we're paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get us!

    Yes, I'm inclined to disbelieve the Warren Commission, too. The injuries just aen't consistent with the ballistics presented.

    Now, we look at Sandy Hook, Littleton, and the other mass shootings of recent history, and while the Feds and the gun grabbers were quick to dance in the blood, it really wasn't likely that they had a hand in them… until Las Vegas. Like the Kennedy assassination, there are far too many holes in this story, such that I believe that this actually was a government black op.

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