I could go for this:

Trump to provide path for citizenship for Dreamers:

I’m sympathetic to the plight of the Dreamers, and would be more than willing to let them find a way to stay…

As long as we STOP the open borders and Chain colonization migration.

My only issue with these folks is that the, for the most part, don’t seem to care about citizenship. They say the US is their home, but they don’t ACT like it is. IF thy wish to make the US their home, and become citizens, then they might actually become loyal to the US and put the country first…

Stopping the influx of illegals over our southern border is a priority with me. (I still think if we’d tax monies (5%??) transferred from the US to Mexico and other Latin American countries we’d be able to pay for a goodly portion of the wall in about 10 years, but that’s just my practicality speaking. I’d put up a wall and then a minefield, if it were up to me. )

Ending “chain Migration” is another.

So I could support this idea in principle. Haveta see the details.

ETA: Here are some more details:

I can still support it. As long as they fund the wall first. Then show me the chain migration legislation (and I want something without holes in it).

If they can do what they say, without the DNC folks watering it down, then I can still support it. Otherwise, no.

But the wall (completed) first. No more empty promises. The wall first, as a trigger for the rest.

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