There’s a Lot of it……..Just not from the Russians:

Google, Apple, Comcast, Facebook and Amazon all set records for money spent on “lobbying”.

Anyone really think that they don’t influence elections (and legislators)? That they didn’t “Collude” with elected officials to influence elections? To change the message presented to voters?

If you do, I have this neat bridge to sell you.

Small bills only, please,  and all that…..

One thought on “Collusion

  1. to hammer home the point, to personalize it, the latest bout of my frequents contacts with my elected representatives had again been unsatisfactory. Yet consider my astonishment when I found out the favorable response from those same Congress critters to local organizations, aka lobbyists.

    They were proponents of the same message as I yet mine went largely ignored save for the balderdash of prepared statements which yielded nothing of value. My point is lobbying efforts are not only at the national level.

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