One thought on “Fans of Science Fiction:

  1. And I loved the haunted chorus
    Who could look into my soul,
    But the fear that waited for us
    Shattered parts out of the whole.

    She was a pale lady
    Who could bind us all as one,
    But one more was one too many
    And now my lady's gone.

    Oh, how she loved to listen
    To the songs that I would sing,
    Her eyes would brightly glisten
    And the notes would brightly ring

    But she was a pale lady,
    Though she bound us all as one,
    And one more was one too many,
    So now my lady's gone.

    Go with God lady…May you find peace.

    I note that the NYT has done it again and said she was a feminist….
    NO…she was just a damn fine author.

    Assholes looking through their rose colored glasses.

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