Better landings

So at least I’m not beating up the aircraft. Not good, smooth landings, but at least they are getting better.

I figured out part of my problem.

The seat wasn’t always at the same height. Which makes a significant difference in perspective when using the cowling as a reference. Therefore every time I got into the aircraft, my perspective changed according to who had used the plane before me. I only noticed because whoever used it just before me had cranked the seat all the way to the floor. I now realize that the seat had been at slightly different heights each and every time I got in.

I think I will start raising the seat all the way then crank it down 5 turns, so that I ensure my perspective at the roundout is the same every flight.

Now it is just learning the finesse in control to be smooth.

I thank each and every one of you who commented or offered advice via Email. Your help and suggestions were invaluable and has helped immensely. 

6 thoughts on “Better landings

  1. Good to hear, and sounds like you're coming along fine. Having things setup the same as possible will definitely help.

  2. Perspective…such a great analogy for a lot of other things that get discussed here too. Some have the seat full up and some full down, with others in between. Sadly, I had simply assumed your training started with seating position before each engine start, simply because my instructor started me with that lesson number one…again, perspective. Given my experience, I never considered asking if you were adjusting the seat each time! An excellent lesson for all of us., it is too easy to be blind to stuff!

  3. Yeah, pretty much everyone thought that Mike, my first instructor, had done that, and assumed I was making the adjustment… He didn't, I wasn't… I didn't know it would make so much difference.

    It does. (the consistency, not the actual position).

    Live and learn.

  4. Just one note for seating position. Get to that familiar spot in your usual training aircraft and locate some references. Another aircraft may have the seat slightly differently mounted/adjusted/padded/etc. Knowing that X lines up with Y, B lines up with C, and you can see M when you’re in your usual position will making switching between aircraft easier too.

    Also note that, just because you’ve now positioned the seat a bit differently, your air maneuver references may move slightly.

  5. CP88 is right… Because you WILL be changing airplanes… 🙂

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