7 G 21

Yeah, 7 knots, occasional gust 21.

But out of 160/170, so I chose to try today. I have a runway at 18, so it wasn’t too bad.

MUCH better timing on roundout. I still need to flare more, as I tend to land flat, or at least not fully on the mains ….

Or, I balloon, so there is that.

My slips are ok, the gusts caught me a time or two, but I stayed on the runway. 18 is 75 feet wide.

The one gust was kinda interesting. I landed, was on the mains, the gust hit, I was airborne, I landed again, and the gust hit again and I got real light….but I did bring the nosewheel down and stayed on centerline, mostly. Flaps up and around again.

Progress is slower than I like, but it is forward progress.

2 thoughts on “7 G 21

  1. Sit in the airplane (engine off, of course) and have your instructor push down on the tail so that the nose wheel is about two inches off the ground. As he is doing this, note how far the cowling travels up from level. This should give you some perspective of how much movement you need to make to land solely on the mains. Then get out of the plane and have him do it again and note how much more nose up you can go before the tail touches the ground. This should alleviate any tendency to be reluctant to apply back pressure in the flare. And the shimmy dampener on the Cessna will thank you.


  2. Yeah, I got that. I just float when I pull the nose that high. Or take off and have to round out again.

    'Tis the finesse I am lacking.

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