Innit interesting

How the DNC types seem to think that there is any credibility to all these “ladies” coming out of the woodwork JUST BEFORE an election that they are (currently) destined to lose…..and all these “ladies” are accusing Mr Moore of an action that occurred 40 years ago….and, oddly, none of them could, or did, say anything until now? Where have they been for the past 35-40 years?

Are you able to see a pattern here? Character assassination is now a preferred tactic of the Democrats.

Are you that gullible that you think these women have any credibility? Seriously?

Judge Bork
Clarence Thomas

How many others that roused the ire of the apparatchiks  of the DNC?  Or were simply in the way of their candidate?

Or simply said things that the folks in power didn’t like…
(See also, Bill Cosby).

I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but at this point, I doubt that I would believe any woman unless she had photos or video and a certified transcript.

ETA: (06:55 11/15) apparently others are noticing this too

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  1. Herman Cain comes to mind. All the accusations and then he drops out and nothing is ever heard again. They found that this strategy works and they don't ever need to prove anything. Truly reprehensible tactic.

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