So what does she wear?

I mean, if cotton causes her to freak out, does she only wear artificial fibers?

Or does she wear jeans? T-shirts. Does she sleep only on bamboo sheets. Rayon? Nylon? Does she wear blouses and shirts made from any natural fiber like linen?
‘Cause linen and cotton were picked by slaves…In her world cotton is offensive, and I am sure linen would be too if she knew what it looked like.
How about leather shoes and belts and jackets? Slaves raised cattle too.

So,  again, is she wearing and using only rayon, nylon and polyester?

Or is it only cotton…. ’cause she was raised and educated that slaves picked cotton….and she is trying so desperately to find something to be offended by?

At some point someone needs to just bitch-slap these folks.