SO who benefits?

Chicago (thank GOD I don’t live there, but I do get their TV and radio) has a Beverage Tax. Something like a penny per ounce of sweetened soda…or sports drink. Or Tea. Or any beverage that uses sweetener.

The tax was sold as a way to reduce obesity. But now that folks are bitching complaining about their increased soda cost to their local Councilpersonages demanding a repeal of the tax,  there is a concerted push to convince folks that the hotfoot they are getting is, after all, in their best interest….all “paid for by none other than Michael Bloomberg”. Which I find odd, ’cause he isn’t (AFAICT) a part of the Chicago Political Machine….and he is spending HUGE money buying ad time on radio, TV Newspapers, billboards, etc.

What is he getting out of it. Where is his payoff payback? He’s investing tens of millions, and I doubt that is is just because he really thinks that the tax will really prevent heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, diabetes and halitosis.

Is this just Social Engineering? I mean, the Cook County politicians never met a tax they didn’t like, and they need the money so they can keep lining the pockets of their friends and relatives the City from going broke…..Without it, they will have to lay off something like 1 in 5 useless workers…All of whom vote.

But how/where does Michael Bloomberg come to this party?

3 thoughts on “SO who benefits?

  1. Maybe Chicago could spend the money thus raised on bullet proof vests for the entire population?

  2. They're also taxing, diet and vitamin sports drinks sweetened with natural herbal sweeteners, totally healthy. I drive 6 miles twice a month and buy my beverages and my gas in the next county. It saves me on average $40 in taxes, well more than those few miles of gas cost me. They can figure out another way to retire a city employee at 100% of their salary while contributing less than 4 % to their own retirement. My husband's dream job is here, just says how much I love my husband, not how much I like my city.

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