1.4 and stalls

Stalls are FUN! Easy too.

No landing yet, but did several smoother descents and one approach.

I’m getting much smoother with the controls and some things are becoming automatic. Seems as if my workload is decreasing.

Starting to really like this.

ETA: Oh, and I made my first radio call on Unicom today.

4 thoughts on “1.4 and stalls

  1. Please tell me it was not, 'Any traffic in the area please advise.' Or, at non-towered airport, 'Which runway is the active today?'

    Flying is a blast, the joy of flight is awe inspiring. I just want to say, good luck, we're all counting on you.

  2. When I was an airline pilot I taught the occasional friend that bought an airplane. All out of this tiny rural field that had NO traffic. I had one student that was freaked out about what he would say on the radio if there was another plane in the pattern (highly unlikely, we didn't sell gas, and there was a handful of planes hangared there). I just told him to get on the radio and say "airplane on downwind WTF?" One night I'm monitoring the radio while he's coming back from a short cross country, and sure enough, there's another plane entering the pattern. Yes, he gets on the radio and says (unadulterated version). Airplane at XXX airport entering downwind. WTF?!"

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