SO all these players

Each making MILLIONS of dollars.

And they disrespect the flag and country which makes their success possible.

Ok, they have that right. Yep, they do. I disagree with their actions, yet I support their right to do such asinine things.

They protest the “inequalities” of the treatment of blacks. The barriers to success…..and other undefined unfairness

Yeah, maybe there is something there.. Maybe. But cops go to folks where there is more likelihood of a bust. If one looks like a thug, then one gets treated like a thug. Having a police record is a barrier to success.

But, (and here is the point of this post) how many of those million dollar salary earning players who are protesting are spending any of their personal fortunes or their time helping the blacks in their community to succeed and get ahead? How many are teaching how to succeed and (most especially) how not to fail?

‘Cause they could make a HUGE difference, if they could be bothered to actually, you know, DO something, rather than a disrespectful kneel. 

4 thoughts on “SO all these players

  1. Let us all remember to tell our local and state politicians that we will be holding them to account for any more public money spent upon stadiums for these real-estate welfare queens.

  2. You're asking a question that cannot truly be answered. I don't know how many players use their wealth to help society, I doubt anyone would know. Personally, I don't broadcast where my charity is distributed, that's my business. But I'm not a multimillionaire either.


  3. I do not support 'their right to do asinine things'. Such is a misuse of 1A right. Would one also support the misuse/abuse of the 2A right?

  4. Reread for comprehension. I DO support their right to do asinine things.

    Free speech and all that. They have every right to do this. However, we have a right to disagree and to not support their industry as long as they do it. Free Speech is not without consequences.

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