Should count as two

Landings, that is. Glad that wasn’t MY aircraft today.

Still no wind, so still no turns around a point. Today we did some reviews of skills I had learned previously and then just flew. I am getting better, smoother, and am learning more about flying. Climbs, descents, turns. All getting smoother and my power management is better.

Then some patterns.

My first landing today was a very smooth touch and go. If I could do it like that every time, I’d be happy.

The second one….not so much.

Approach was good, but I flared about 20 feet too high I was 10 feet off the runway when the stall horn went off and I ran out of airspeed….And bounced. Hard. then sideways, then hard on the runway. I didn’t damage the aircraft, but, as I said, I’m glad it was someone else’s plane. Pretty sure I know what I did wrong.

7.7 hours, 3 (or 4, depending) landings.

4 thoughts on “Should count as two

  1. A couple of tips. When flying straight and level, note the position of the horizon relative to the distance above the cowling. Draw an imaginary line. Next, draw another imaginary line straight up from where the center of the yoke is. These are your crosshairs (figured I would use something you're familiar with 😀). Now next time you're on final place the crosshairs on the spot on the runway you want to flare over. Using flaps, pitch and power, try to adjust your airspeed (60 knots in a C152) while keeping the crosshairs on your aiming point. Try to make small, incremental changes. Maintain the configuration to within 15 feet of the runway where you first pitch up to a level attitude while reducing power to idle. Inertia will carry you down to 3-5 feet above the runway. Use your feet to keep the nose pointed down to the far end of the runway. Finally, try NOT to land. Try to keep the airplane in the air above the runway as long as you can without ballooning, again using small control inputs. With experience, you'll get the timing down and your touchdowns will be smoother.

    Email me whenever you have a question. I usually answer the same day. For faster service, call. My number is in the first email I sent you. If it goes to voicemail, I'm with a student.


  2. Yeah, I didn't level, I pitched UP. And then stalled. Too high.

    I figured out what I did….After.

  3. His advice is on the money! 🙂 And you learned, that's a good day!!!

  4. Yeah, those trainers take a beating. I recall one instructor telling me that his back would be happier if I could flare closer to the runway.

    Whatever you do, keep the nose up! I know a very pretty classic airplane that was scrapped out because it was dropped in on the nosewheel.

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