All for free speech

Seriously. I support the rights of those NFL players who wish to make a statement. If they want to join the trend and oppose the white man (who is the source of most of the funds that pay their salaries) and disrespect the Anthem and the Flag and the country for which they stand…..They have every right.

And I will begin telling the advertisers who give money to the TV stations and networks that if they advertise on NFL games that I will find competing products. And when this begins to hurt the TV revenue, then maybe the dollars spent on the broadcast rights will drop.

and maybe, just maybe, that, along with the reduced revenue from ticket sales will get the NFL teams attention.

I would like to see each and every one of those idiot players (and managers, and other team members) who fail to stand and either salute or in some other way respect our Anthem and our flag be fired, or suspended or otherwise negatively impacted.

I think the fact that Kapernick is unable to find a job is a fitting end to his childish actions.

I’d like to see this happen to each and every one of his co-conspirators.

And until it does, except to find out advertisers, I’ll not watch.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some e-mails to write to some companies.