AAAND once again,

Puerto Rico wants the US to bail them out post hurricane.

Which I wouldn’t think would be a bad idea, except that the cittizens pay no Federal Income Tax.

And, of course, they have a government that is broke, and nearly bankrupt, so they have no money to pay for their own fixes after Hurricane Irma.
They can’t pay their own bills. They can’t help themselves.

Now, I am all for humanitarian aid, but rebuilding? Fuck That. Let ’em rebuild their own country. The only time they want US intervention and laws is when they need help.

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  1. Puerto Rico is Spain's revenge for the Spanish American War.

  2. Given that Congress has restrained Puerto Rico's ability to do almost anything (check out the restrictions on shipping into and out of Puerto Rico, see the Jones Act, for instance), only extended Citizenship to get more possible draftees for WWI, and has continually made decisions keeping Puerto Rico as a U.S. profit center run for businesses and millionaires, we probably should do a few things for Puerto Rico. One of the first is either make it a State or set it free…but we've constrained and broken it, we should at least help fix it.

  3. Nope, they've broken it. They are the ones that elected deficit politicians. And help 'em recover from the hurricane? ? Oh, yeah. Fix 'em? Nope. Not on our dime.

    Do you ALWAYS blame the US for everything?

  4. B., Congress mandated, since 1917, that ANYTHiNG brought into or out of Puerto Rico had to come on a U.S. flagged and crewed ship. The resulting increase in cost drained money out of Puerto Rico and into the pockets of the shipowners. Imagine the same rules for Hawaii, if it wasn't possible for some trans-Pacific shipments to be dropped in Hawaii and the empty ships continue to the West coast to get a return load, there would be revolt at the even greater increase in prices. Heck, Hawaiian ranchers fly their cows to the mainland because it costs the same and is easier on the cattle! Puerto Rico has been left to crumble as it's best flee to the U.S. because they were given citizenship and it's cheaper to live there and has better job opportunities.

    We have systematically raped Puerto Rico of its valuables and produce, Democrat and Republican leaders and businessmen alike. We have prevented Puerto Rico from establishing itself as a port for transhipping goods throughout the region, because it would compete with Miami, New Orleans, Houston and such. Congressional meddling has neutered the ability of Puerto Rico to properly help itself, and the fact that locals elected con men, hoping they would follow through and break this insane system, is sad but understandable.

    I'll tell you what, throw off the shackles and see what kind of an enterprise zone Puerto Rico could create…it would be huge. As for Federal Taxes, there's this little thing about no taxation without representation…so Puerto Rican's pay a similar income tax to Puerto Rico, not the U.S. Did you know new investors in Puerto Rico can get a corporate tax rate as low as 4%, and new residents who invest can see almost 0% taxes? All this to encourage investment, right out of the Republican handbook, but the Congressional laws and hurdles have prevented this from being enough to generate much new investment. Without that investment, and with a population that is aging as it's best and brightest flee for jobs in the U.S. mainland, they are stuck in a vicious cycle.

    At the same time, the U.S. provides few benefits to Puerto Rico, so complaining about them not paying taxes is a red herring. Puerto Rico has been maintained as "separate but equal" for a century plus, the bill is coming due. They are American citizens, are we just going to allow then to die?

  5. Oh, and Donnie has now refused to waive the Jones Act limits on Puerto Rico to allow aid to be delivered by ships of any registry…limits that were waived immediately for Florida and Texas.

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