I think I see part of the problem:

Was talking the other day with a middle aged white guy. He couldn’t wait to discuss the ills of the world while we waited.

I was ok with that, until I figured out that he had opinions about things that he had no experience on.

He’d never worked at a professional job. But he had an opinion on how that should work. How folks should be treated, how the corporate world should work, and how folks who made more money that him should be taxed.

He’d (obviously) never met anyone of a different race or economic class  (except in passing), and seemed to think that Hispanics were nice folks who were great gardeners, Asians were nice folks period, and Black people were all like the folks he saw on TV commercials. And he had an opinion how to help em all, even though he didn’t actually, you know, KNOW anyone of another color or economic class.

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