It is interesting

How the Liberals like to re-write history. And how they fight when losing an argument.

The Democrats were always for black people. Always.
In fact, it isn’t true. The Dems were for Whites and accused the Republicans of being led by and dominated by blacks….even as late as 1970.

But the current meme is that the Dems are the champions of blacks and all Republicans are racist. And it seems that most of their believers actually believe it, despite the historical record.
Of course, the opposite is true. But the media lets the Democratic meme play loudly and often. Especially when the Republican just wants to cut off freebies for lazy folks who simply take advantage of the system.

And when you point the truth out to (some) Liberals, they try to twist what you say, and eventually retreat to “Racist!” even when evidence would show otherwise. But accusing someone of being racist is the last “defense” of a liberal when they know they are losing.

2 thoughts on “It is interesting

  1. It's their last defense and the best time to point and laugh at them.
    They have gone to the well too many times with that crap. Now they are wearing out Nazi because everyone knows their playbook by heart.
    They are all just like women, facts are irrelevant and they just ignore them.
    It's all about the Feelz with these people.

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